Welcome to Align, Damith!

Today, Align Consulting AB’s seventh employee Damith Jinasena, is finishing his fifth day as an “Aligner”.

I started my career as a developer at IFS in 2008 where I worked in IFS Scandinavia support and global support for 9 years. During that time I mostly worked with IFS framework, middleware server, mobile, and FSM solutions. In 2017 I left IFS and started doing more consulting centric work and helped with IFS implementations and upgrades, integrations, customizations, and configurations.

At work, I am eager to find smart and sustainable solutions for challenging problems. Curiosity and passion for IFS are probably my main drivers. Actually, I also try to help with IFS related problems during work and outside work as well trough IFS Community forum, were I have learned that I enjoy sharing my thoughts and knowledge through blogging.”


His colleagues loves working with him, since he is extremely collaborative, humble yet clear and precise. And of course, knowledgeable indeed.

Damith lives with his wife and two daughters in Linköping. He misses the great variety of excellent local curries from back home in Sri Lanka, as well as the fresh and ripe mangos. In his spare time Damith likes cycling in the countryside and spend time with kids and family. And, not surprisingly, he also likes to build DIY gadgets and Arduino and RaspberryPi are his kind of toys.


I look forward to taking the next step in my career here at Align, but mainly, to work with nice customers and great people. During my first week I have had the pleasure of meeting 14(!) of my new colleagues. Most of the eight Swedish people I knew from before, but the six Norwegian “mentors” I met were new to me. They all seemed fantastic. Since a couple of months I take Swedish lessons, now I figure Norwegian is next?


Welcome to Align, Damith!